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Already There lyrics


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     Already There
    >> Goo Goo Dolls
        I look outside my window
    Everything was blanketed in white
    The neighbors pushing cars out
    From snow that fell on us last night
    Started thinking bout
    The things we used to do when we were young
    Back when things were simple
    And getting up was fun
    I couldn't care cause I'm already there
    Turn around and face the clock
    I'd sit and watch, as time went hopping by
    I'm still growing up
    My friends are growing old before my eyes
    Count the stars above
    Wonder when the heavens will subside
    Knowing our two worlds
    Will someday just collide
    I couldn't care cause I'm already there.
    Just a boy who's young at heart
    His smile was a bit like yours today
    Had a wife a kid some strife
    Never had to go astray
    Happiness abounds
    Life was in full swing
    At seventeen all the things he wanted
    Were things he'd never see
    It don't seem fair cause I'm already there
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